White Label Studio is a gull service podcast production studio located in North Miami, Florida.

Studio Capabilities

  • 11 Foot LED Wall For Custom Backdrops

  • 3 4K/HD Cameras

  • 4 Shure SM7B Microphones

  • Headphones For Everyone

  • Multi-Camera Live Switching

  • Livestreaming Across Multiple Platforms

  • Remote Call-In recording with Video

  • In-Studio Display for pulling up videos


At White Label Studio, we’re dedicated to handling every aspect of your podcast production, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in creating captivating content and engaging with your guests. When you choose to record with White Label, you’re not just booking a studio session – you’re gaining a trusted partner in your podcasting journey. Our team of experienced engineers seamlessly integrates into your team, serving as your production experts and consultants. We take pride in offering your podcast the highest level of support and expertise, ensuring it has every opportunity to thrive. With our engineers who are seasoned podcasters themselves, you’ll benefit from the personal touch and insights of industry professionals at every stage of your podcasting process.

Studio Gallery